The Team

Luna, an albino elf with an unknown past who was whisked away shortly after her birth to reside in the temples of Sehanine to learn from the clerics and become a living holy symbol of their order. Little did she know that her past would one day come back to find her again, and reunite her with a very ancient relative.

Kith, a spirited half-ling who had a great desire for adventure and chose early on to train in both the art of the sword & dagger as well as stealth and tracking. Not knowing where her feet would carry her, she traveled to the major city in hopes of finding a grand adventure.

Zar, a stoic dwarven paladin for Kord who chose to leave his order’s temple to travel and fight in his deity’s name. Unfortunately for him, he found life outside of the sanctuary of a temple to be more lively than the monks had informed him, particularly to do with taverns and libations… little to say, he is still finding his way back to his origins and searching for adventures to redeem himself in Kord’s eyes.

Azz, an aloof wizard who just graduated from her magic academy and is eager to prove her magical abilities in the real world. Much to the chagrin of her follow adventurers when her ‘less than perfect’ spells are cast. Unsure of herself, Az hopes to find the courage to truly become the great wizard she always hoped she would become some day.

The Team

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