Into the Labyrinth

And now the adventurers travel deep into another darkness…
The following is an outline of what quests our team has gathers, thus far…

I. Investigate the Bloodreavers
I. A. Slave Rescue
I. A. 1. Rendilcompleted
I. B. Chamber of Eyes

II. A Hidden Minecompleted
II. A. Horned Hold
II. A. 1. Grimmerzhul Trading Postcompleted
II. A. 2. Grimmerzhul Provisions
II. B. Find the Boar
II. C. Trade Missioncompleted
II. C. 1. Treasure Seeker

III. Ambushers

IV. A Favor for the Mages
IV. B. 2. Hall of the Broken Dragon

V. Random Minor Quests
V. A. A Call to Adventure
V. B. A New Sheriffcompleted
V. B. 1. Bruggcompleted
V. B. 2. Surina’s Problemcompleted
V. B. 3. The New Security Staff
V. C. A Spy Among Uscompleted
V. D. The Red Eye Gangcompleted

V. E. 1. Terrlen Darkseeker

VI. The Underlying Treat
VI. A. Vadriar the Sage

Into the Labyrinth

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